Hummus twist

Pretty basic, but: 1 can cannelloni beans 4 cloves garlic about 1/3 cup almond butter splash or two white wine vinegar nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt Blended in the food processor until nice and creamy. Good with bread (but what isn’t) and fresh slice tomato.


On Sundays, I pick up two cubes of fresh, locally made tofu at the farmers’ market. This comes in a baggie and does not last long, so I’m always making different tofu dishes on Monday/Tuesday evenings. And on weeknights, the boyfriend and I discuss dinner via text–today’s suggestion was tofu and soba noodles. A good combination….

garam masala-spiced cashew butter and lemon

The sauce I make most often is a simple dressing that’s a variation on the following formula: nut butter + acid (vinegar or citrus) + seasoning + water to desired consistency. Tonight I made a kale salad intended to eat alongside a warm channa masala (chickpea curry) and brown rice, so I wanted to tweak…