Vegan MoFo Day 12: Qa’pla!

No, not gagh. I think that would require some molecular gastronomy magic and result in something I have no interest in actually eating, and that’s not how I roll.

But yeah, I like Star Trek. My favorite is Deep Space 9, because COMPLEXITY! I’m in the middle of a slow rewatch right now (BUG ME IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!). And on Deep Space 9, everyone loves the supposedly Klingon coffee concoction raktajino, though you never see Klingons enjoying it.

A promotional photo of Gowron with text reading "I don't often drink coffee... but when I do, it's raktajino"
Above: Maybe Gowron’s marketing campaign worked.

But what the hell is raktajino? The internet has ideas. I started with this one, but made coffee my own way, which right now is cold-brew.

In addition to my usual 2/3 cup coarse coffee grounds, I added a bunch of spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cayenne, nutmeg) and some cocoa powder. The resulting brew was absolute sludge, which I feel like a Klingon might appreciate.

Above: Straining cold brew raktajino through cheesecloth.

Then I poured it over ice, added a squeeze of agave nectar, and topped it off with oat milk.

It was good. Really good. Definitely would’ve been better with the tears of my enemies, but in the absence of any enemies (much less a way to collect the tears), but I’m pretty sure Kira and Dax would appreciate it.

A still of Major Kira Nerys sipping a raktajino with the caption "Qa'pla, motherfuckers"
Above: I love Major Kira.

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