#VeganMoFo Day 2: I Didn’t Bake a 💩 Cookie, but I WANTED to

Not every day is a damn inspiration. Today it is a salad. 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗

But it was a GOOD salad, OK?

K’s mom has been growing shiso and shared a few leaves with us. I found some interesting recipes to use it in, including several salads. I went with this soba noodle salad – tweaked in a few ways (no dill or chile, added tofu, carrot cut into thin strips with a peeler instead of chopped into coins, chiffonaded three large shiso leaves instead of adding several small ones). Oooh, it was nice. Satisfying, hearty, and with few zingy notes from the raw ginger and the shiso.


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