#VeganMoFo Day 25: This One Goes Out My Good Friend

One of my favorite people is a vegetarian who’s a picky eater. I’m gonna guess a significant chunk of my cooking repertoire would not appeal to her palate. But we’ve definitely got a few favorites in common: Falafel. Fresh corn tortillas. And gnocchi.

Her dad, she tells me, is the gnocchi maker in her family. I’m certain mine isn’t as good as what his doubtless well-practiced hands make, but I have made a decent enough version. And, as it’s in her honor, I’m serving it simply–sauteed in a little vegan butter and olive oil with fresh thyme, lemon zest, and garlic. (If I were actually able to make it for her this time, the seasoning might be a bit different. But those are things I had on hand that seemed like they’d rock my fresh, handmade gnocchi. And they did.)

Side note to the person this is about: Falafel with avocado sometime soon? Been too long.


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