#VeganMoFo Day 2: I Didn’t Get Fat Eating Kale

OK, to be fair, I was fat before I went vegan, but I also didn’t experience any kind of miraculous weight loss after I did, because god dammit, I LOVE SUGAR and I WON’T BE SHAMED. Anyway, among my favorite homemade junk foods is any kind of cookie, period, which I sometimes just make into a “bar cookie” (i.e. I put all the dough in a pan so I can eat it with a fork) because I’m the only one in my house who’s going to eat any. Ooooh. Evil. I try not to do it too often and seek out healthier alternatives.

One of the most fun ideas in Isa Does It is adding rosemary to chocolate chip cookies. GOD. IT’S SO GOOD. But I use a different recipe, because I like oats (fiber! so virtuous!) and try to use less refined coconut oil than her recipe calls for. That’s really an “occasional” kinda fat, and my junk food consumption is more frequent.

So I usually start with the “Monster” oatmeal & chocolate chip cookie recipe from Big Vegan, skip the raisins–I like ‘em, but they’re a bit much–and sometimes add chopped rosemary from my overgrown weed-addled garden.


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