Sweet potato gnocchi with brussels sprouts and tarragon cashew cream sauce

A mighty fine selection from Isa Does It, which I have made before but wanted to revisit.


The process of making gnocchi is really fun, but time consuming. And I don’t think I’ve perfected it, by any means, but it is pretty good.


Nuked the sweet potatoes – a starchier Japanese variety with purple skin and yellow flesh – and scooped out the guts after they had time to cool.


Smash, smash, smash with miso and olive oil. It comes out the holes in my masher looking like play-doh.


I think you all know how I feel about dough by now: it feels goooood in your hands.


Rolled it out like a big, skinny, flour-coated snake…


…and chopped it into tiny pillows! Chop, chop, chop!


Boil it until it floats; that’s how you can tell it’s a witch! Erm, I mean, it’s cooked.


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