#VeganMoFo 2015 Day 1: Breakfast

Scrambled chickpeas (Isa Does It-style), roasted potato wedges, wilted spinach, chopped tomatoes, and a little store-bought guac to tie it together.

Admittedly this is a bit of a cheat – I’m writing this the Saturday before MoFo begins and scheduling it to post in time, because typically my weekday breakfast isn’t notable. A little flax cereal, a handful of granola, some fresh berries if they haven’t gone south (or out of season), rice milk. It might look pretty, I guess, but frankly I’m in a rush, so I’d rather start the month off right by telling you about a good weekend breakfast.

Most Saturdays I like to make a good, hearty brunch. It’s the only chance I get. Sundays are market days, so my boyfriend and I often eat something from a market vendor (for those of you in the San Jose area, check out the Oaxacan Kitchen for its killer vegan burritos or the amazing options at Delicious Crepes).

The market is also where I pick up most of the ingredients that make it into, say, next Saturday’s brunch. The beautiful tomatoes and rainbow-colored potatoes, for example, come from the truly fine folks at Lonely Mountain Farm.

Anyway, enjoy some cooking pics, and happy Vegan MoFo ‘15!

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